I wonder where you have gotten your impression of God.  Further more, I wonder where you have gotten your impression of Jesus.   Do you even know?

On this “Easter”, or Resurrection Sunday as I refer to it, I wonder if you have gotten your impression of Jesus from me or any one of his “followers.”

Because clearly, I am not Jesus.  Is he my standard?  Is he Lord?  Yes.  Do I try to be like Him?  Yes.  Am I a hypocritical failure?  Yes.  And so is every other follower.

So, if you have gotten your impression of Jesus from us, you are not looking in the right place.

In the Bible, the Lord tells Moses “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

I am not a Bible scholar, but I take this to mean that when we die, we will see God’s face.  We will come face to face with the Lord.  What a travesty it would be to come face to face with God and say, “I couldn’t find you.  I kept looking and hoping in the wrong things, the wrong people and the wrong places and I just couldn’t make sense of their hypocrisy, the brokenness, the sense of emptiness I felt when I achieved all my ‘success.’ If only you would have given me a way or a place to find you.”

Where are you looking for the truth about God?  If you are relying on people, even your own opinion, surely you know, surely you can see that none of us is wise enough to be right all the time.

People are a mess.

God is Holy.  Jesus was and is and will always be perfect.

When we stand face to face with God, He will say “I did give you a way to find me; you just never opened it.  You never truly sought me, never truly wanted to face my truth, but I gave it to you.”

I can’t speak for everyone everywhere, but I know most people reading this have access to the Bible.  We have access to the very words, the absolute truth about God.

Today, as we celebrate “Easter”, open His word, the Bible.  It is not merely a book, but the very words of God.  When there seems nothing else to cling to, how can we pass up the opportunity to hear, to read the very words of God?