I am sorry, sorry, sorry! You are going to get sooooo tired of hearing about Montana.

I just can’t help it, though.

It is so much more than a trip.

It’s so much more than a potential move.

We are getting ready to go visit again for 2 MONTHS! TWO MONTHS? Who does that ?!! We are so excited. We can hardly contain ourselves!

Before we go, however, I feel like I need to be really clear on something. I have touched on it in previous posts, but it is so important, so crucial, that I have to touch on it again.

This is not the American Dream.

This is not an example of the American Dream finally paying off or being lived out.

From the outside, it can look like the realization of dreams and the result of hard work.   I told a friend about it yesterday and he said “Two months?! You are living the American Dream! I want to live your life!”

But the reality is that it is so much more than the American Dream.

I will admit that we are pretty fortunate. Not everyone has the flexibility of career or the resources to do what we are doing……or do you?

See……this isn’t just our dream. Yes, there is no other place on earth that Mark would rather live. This is true.   But what everyone needs to realize is that 8 months ago, we didn’t have the resources or the flexibility to do this either.

We were deeply buried in debt. We owned two houses, one of which we had been trying to sell off and on for 5 years. We needed to close our Kansas City store. We needed a phenomenal manager for our Columbia store. We needed an events team that could carry a heavy load in Mark’s absence. AND I had already been praying over these things for YEARS to no avail!!

There was a lot that had to “fall” into place.

But from the very start, we took this to the Lord.

Don’t miss that. It is key and certainly not our normal mode of operation. So don’t think you can’t do this too. We have prayed for things in the past, but we haven’t historically been the ones to say “I’m just going to pray over this decision for awhile.“ We are more the “I want to do this, so I am going to this” type of people.

Perhaps we are getting wiser or we have better guidance now. Either way, that’s what we did.

And so, this is not just our plan. God’s hand has been so clearly on it from the start.   Why?

I don’t know.

But if I had to guess, it would be because this is the purest, most God honoring idea we have had in a very long time.

We aren’t going there for some business opportunity.

We aren’t going there to start another Ultramax Sports in Montana.

We aren’t going there to make more money.

We aren’t going there to live a life of luxury and live out our days spending our resources on ourselves.

We aren’t going there to find more hobbies and less time.

We are going there to get start at the root.

We are going there to have the time, space, and simplicity to be right with one another.

We are going there to find and know our Creator.

We are going there to find the best-version-of-ourselves, the one that realizes and acts upon the fact that we are not here for ourselves but to serve God and others

Once again, before you check out and think that we are too Godly that you can’t even relate, trust me, we aren’t.

We are just like you, most likely. We have stumbled into our life without much thought or influence from God.   Living as a Christ following household is not something we ever planned to do or that comes or feels natural.   It is not something that is acclaimed and emphasized in our culture.   It is not something most of us know how to do.

That’s why we need to go.

This is our quest to finally follow the right dream….God’s dream for us.

This is us putting an earthly idea before the Lord and saying “your will and not mine. We think it is a good idea to go. We want to go, but we are going to need your help and blessing. No matter the outcome, though, we will submit to you.”

Two months after we put this idea before God, we sold our second house.   In that same month we had a buyer for our Kansas City store. Over the past 8 months our events team has done a phenomenal job with a load twice as heavy as the year before. And in June, I found out that the one person I would pick to run our Columbia store, actually wanted to do it even though it meant a significant pay cut!

I remember looking up and thinking….”if she takes this Lord, I am going to take this as a sign, because this is way too good to be true.”

But it was true.

And God is true.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow He is true.

And that’s why we need to draw closer to Him.

And that is why we are going Montana.