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How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies

Oh my goodness, getting my kids to eat more veggies or just to eat healthy at all is such a struggle!

There is no place that poor nutrition is more prevalent than in children. Somewhere along the line, we have deduced that it is ok for children to eat garbage. We justify that they are picky […]

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Go Girl Green Smoothie Recipe

This  is my favorite green smoothie recipe!  Although,  I rarely drink smoothies in the winter, I absolutely  love them in the summer especially before or after a hot run.

A couple of years ago, we started serving this green smoothie recipe at our Go Girl races to much acclaim. Although it is green, you can’t taste […]

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Lettuce-Less Salad Recipe

Did you make a resolution this year to eat better in some way?  I didn’t, but I think I should have because my January (not to mention December) was a nutritional DEEEBAAACLE.   Too many drinks, too many sweets, too many chips, cheese, chicken wings.  Yikes, I know why I don’t keep a food log.

But alas, […]

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Healthy Holiday Treats…Yes, They Can Taste Good!

“Teet, Teet.”  Even my 2 year old knows how to ask for a treat.  My five year old?  He is fully aware that cookies, ice cream and candy are the jewels of his culinary adventure and he starts working deals for them as soon as he gets out of bed.

Eli:  “If I eat my breakfast, […]

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The Worship of Skinny

I write this today for my friends who struggle with the incessant need to be skinny. I certainly know this does not apply to everyone, but I also know it is a silent struggle for way too many. You feel like your worth is determined by your size. Our society sends the wrong messages at […]

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My Famous Spinach Balls Recipe

Well, the holiday season is upon us, right?  Food, more food, sweets, drinks, sweets and more drinks.   Some days I just feel contaminated.  But what do you do?

At Thanksgiving, my mom made a Heath Bar cake that I vowed not to eat.  It was a chocolate cake with caramel sauce and sweetened condensed milk poured […]

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Knowing is Not Enough: Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Knowing is not enough.  It is the doing that matters.  Hmmmm… true that is for so many things.  All too often we know the “right” answers all along.  It’s just that doing them can be so hard.

Have you ever been to a nutrition clinic? I have been to A LOT of them and have actually […]

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Simple Homemade Granola

I love, love, love granola.   I have loved it since before it was cool to love granola.   I love it for breakfast, as a snack, on yogurt, on ice cream, wherever.   But what I haven’t loved over the years, is how some have tainted it’s precious reputation with a ton of ingredients that just don’t […]

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How to Eat Healthy: 3 Easy Steps

So, what does it even mean to eat healthy? If you are my age and lived through the 90’s, you lived through the low fat craze, which got so ingrained in our brains that many people are still doing it. If, you are vegan, healthy means no meat and no dairy. If you are on […]

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Simple Corn and Zucchini Pasta

I am not a big pasta lover, but I am pretty sure I am the only person on this planet who feels that way.  My family loves it, that’s for sure.  I could serve them plain noodles with butter for every meal and they would be overjoyed. As a matter of fact, their favorite Daddy […]

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