A storm is coming. Can you feel it? It’s the kind of storm where the clouds are a mysterious gray color and they are moving so magnificently that you almost want to watch them because you know something amazing is going to happen.

It’s the scene out of a movie. Not only can you see it with you eyes, but somewhere within you, your very soul feels it too.

The thing with storms is that we can’t really change them. We can protect ourselves but we really can’t control the storm itself. It rages on whether we have taken cover or not. Some are big, some are small, and often we are surprised by the outcome. They are unpredictable.

Just like the storms of nature, there is a bigger storm that is being waged each and every day for you. You feel it. You may not know what it is or what to do, but the quiet desperation you feel lets you know that something is off.

You can’t figure out your purpose. You feel like life was supposed to feel different. You wonder if there is a God why He hasn’t fixed things or why He has made your life what it is. You are busy, very busy, very busy muddling through this thing called life

And while you are muddling through your life, the storm rages on.

I would guess that many people believe in God and Jesus to a certain extent, but it is really hard to understand and even harder to hope for something so good, so not like our earthly reality. God doesn’t make sense to our earthly minds. Hoping in him can feel almost irresponsible.

Can you feel the storm?

You sense the hope, the hope of the beautiful grace, love and mercy from God that is available to each and every one of us who will put our faith in Christ.

But all the while, Satan is whispering in your ear “That is ignorant.” “That is too good to be true.” “You know a lot of so-called believers who are rotten.”

And then in the other ear, “I am better than all of this.” “People are rotten but I am not.” “And, I set the most beautiful example for you so that you will know how to love those rotten people. I died so that you, who are also rotten some times, can have hope in me, in my father’s kingdom and life everlasting.”

Here it comes….

“Life everlasting? Come on.” “Love even the rotten? Come on.”

And the storm for your soul rages. And you know why it rages? Because all lives matter. Every life on this earth matters to God. Your soul matters.

And yet we are so busy living our lives that we go days even years failing to truly face this storm.

The Excuses

We excuse ourselves because the church seems judgmental.

We excuse ourselves because we are being “good” people

We excuse ourselves because we are all too busy

We excuse ourselves because God, the one who created the universe, doesn’t make sense to our piddly little minds.

We excuse ourselves because it means we might actually have to humble ourselves, give up some of our money or face our own shortcomings.

We need to stop living through excuses.

The only day we are guaranteed is today.

Don’t muddle through today.

Stop. Listen to the storm. Pay attention. Something amazing is going to happen.

Something more amazing than anything we can ever imagine is going to happen.

Are you ready today?

Whose side do you want to be on?

Be sure, there are two clear sides.

One says you can’t, you won’t, and there is no hope.

The other says you are, you will be, and I provide the ultimate hope.

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