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Another Post on Being Grateful?

Gratefulness are you tired of reading about it yet?  I am/was.  It seems that every time I look at Facebook someone is posting about their gratefulness project or what they are grateful for.  It sounds so cliché to me.  Practicing gratefulness seems almost fake and just too forced to actually provide any real benefits.

I think […]

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Healthy Holiday Treats…Yes, They Can Taste Good!

“Teet, Teet.”  Even my 2 year old knows how to ask for a treat.  My five year old?  He is fully aware that cookies, ice cream and candy are the jewels of his culinary adventure and he starts working deals for them as soon as he gets out of bed.

Eli:  “If I eat my breakfast, […]

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The Worship of Skinny

I write this today for my friends who struggle with the incessant need to be skinny. I certainly know this does not apply to everyone, but I also know it is a silent struggle for way too many. You feel like your worth is determined by your size. Our society sends the wrong messages at […]

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What Can A Running Group Teach You About God?

Tonight, I learned about God from a woman named Cynthia. I did not get a chance to talk with her a lot. I don’t even know a lot about her, but through her presence, I learned about God.
Cynthia is a nurse who runs. She has one child and a smile that makes you glad you […]

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My Famous Spinach Balls Recipe

Well, the holiday season is upon us, right?  Food, more food, sweets, drinks, sweets and more drinks.   Some days I just feel contaminated.  But what do you do?

At Thanksgiving, my mom made a Heath Bar cake that I vowed not to eat.  It was a chocolate cake with caramel sauce and sweetened condensed milk poured […]

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