Tonight, I learned about God from a woman named Cynthia. I did not get a chance to talk with her a lot. I don’t even know a lot about her, but through her presence, I learned about God.

Cynthia is a nurse who runs. She has one child and a smile that makes you glad you are in her presence. That is all I know about her. She has come to my Wednesday night running group called, Project Awesome for the last two weeks.

The first time she came, we were doing the ice bucket challenge followed by hill repeats.   Before arriving at our store to participate in our “running” group, she had no knowledge of what that actually entailed.   I am sure she had not imagined the group ice bucket challenge or the long, steep hill we would run up.

This week, we did more of a scavenger hunt, but it involved running up flights of stairs and push-ups and burpees. But, she showed up again. This time, she even brought a friend who has the same infectious smile.

After I left, I realized that she, along with many of the people who come to this running group have yet to be added to our listserv or like our Facebook page. I am super disorganized and always forget to announce that this is the way we communicate.

What struck me is that she, along with many others, continues to show up, even though they have absolutely no idea what is in store for them. They show up week after week with infectious smiles and a willingness to do what they need to do to become stronger, to gain endurance, to learn from other runners.

They trust me blindly.

They have no idea what I have in store for them, but they still come with open hearts and a willingness to learn and to be lead.

Isn’t that what God wants from me too? Trust him, blindly, madly. I won’t always know what is in store for me and I might not even like it. It might be painful and it might not make sense. But I still need to keep showing up, keep turning to him. Then I will be stronger. I will have more endurance, more wisdom, perseverance and greater understanding.

I just have to be willing to be lead with an infectious smile and faith.

These are my people. They think I inspire them. They think I lead them. But each time they show up, they inspire me. They teach me to be a better and more faithful me….and I am so grateful.

I bet you have some running buddies or just people in your life that inspire you. Who is it that unsuspectingly inspires you?  Maybe you should let them know today.

***Note: I first wrote this in July. We did not do the ice bucket challenge in December!