I am a business owner. Sometimes it feels like a blessing and sometimes a curse. Either way, I am thankful for the work I get to do, and I will keep doing it as long as God is willing.

Over the past year, I have begun to question how much I am willing to blur the line between my faith and my work. Is the bottom line the most important, or is my faith the most important? In a world where no one wants to claim their faith as the one right way, am I willing and bold enough to live out what I believe to be my calling in Christ?

How am I supposed to balance this?

At times, I have entertained the idea of stepping completely out of my current occupation and working in the church full-time. It’s a challenge to focus on God and everything else that gets thrown at me all day. Somewhere in my mind, maybe yours too, when I think about going all in for God, I assume working in the church or as a full-time missionary would be easier. That’s going all in right? I wouldn’t have to worry about the day to day distractions in my work that pull me away from God. If I worked at the church, in the church or in the ministry field, I’d be doing God’s work all day. Right?


Amy Livesay, you are a missionary. You work in the ministry field.   Right now, today, you can do God’s work all day. You have a field that no one else has and a calling that is unique. You touch people in different ways than anyone else does and you just might be the only Jesus certain people ever see.

Hmm……There is a critical truth here, that as silly as this will sound, I have never really thought of before.

Most of the people who need to know Jesus, are not at church.

Let’s just repeat that.

Most of the people who need to know Jesus, are not at church.

Where are they? They are living in the world, doing ordinary day to day things, looking for answers, looking for hope, looking for someone to lead them, but mainly looking in the wrong places.

I like to think it’s the church’s job to bring people to Jesus. This is a fundamental belief I have held from a very early age. But maybe that isn’t quite right. And, maybe that is passing the buck a bit.   Not that I think about it, it seems that perhaps the church’s job is to equip people like me, who live and work in the world all day every day, to attract people to Jesus. And then, once they see Jesus in the world, maybe they will consider going to church.

When I stop to consider this, I realize that I have a unique role and place is this world and that this role can be vital, crucial, and life changing if I am willing to do the work, if I am willing to be the light. I also realize that it is crucial on a day by day, minute by minute basis, not some abstract in the distance, when I change enough to make a difference type crucial.

“While I am in the world, I am the light of the World.”  John 9:5   Jesus was certainly a better light than I will ever be, but I can certainly try to emulate him.

You know, that gives new meaning to my work, and a new purpose in each and every interaction I have. The church is awesome and absolutely critical, but it cannot do all things. Just like every other being or relationship, the church cannot be all things to all people. The church needs it’s people, specifically, me, to go out Into the world, to be fearless, strong, not easily discouraged, and willing to do the work that needs to be done.


God doesn’t just need people working in the church.   He needs me to be the church in the world. Going all in for God can mean being a pastor, a worship leader at church, or any of the other support staff there. But it also can be, and it really, really, really, really needs to be, regular old Joe’s or Amy’s living in the world and being brave enough to include their faith in their work.

True? True.

Stay tuned for my next post on ways we are making this happen in our work, but for now, what is one way that you include your faith in your work? I’d love some inspiration.


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