This  is my favorite green smoothie recipe!  Although,  I rarely drink smoothies in the winter, I absolutely  love them in the summer especially before or after a hot run.

A couple of years ago, we started serving this green smoothie recipe at our Go Girl races to much acclaim. Although it is green, you can’t taste the greens which makes it an awesome way to squeeze a little spinach into the diets of those who think spinach is a bad word.

Alas, we always get request after request for the recipe as people are surprised at how good and not “green” it tastes.  You will be surprised by how light and refreshing it is.

In light of all of our Go Girl OKC finishers, I thought I would post the recipe today just in case you did not get enough yesterday.

Spring has sprung and summer will be here before you know it. This Green smoothie is great pre or post run or even for breakfast or a snack.  It is uber easy and can be adjusted with non-dairy products if you so desire.  Enjoy!

Go Girl Green Smoothie

½ Granny Smith apple (this is the best kind, but any apple will work)

½ cup pineapple

½ cup almond or regular milk

¼ cup plain yogurt

1 small handful of spinach (10-15 leaves)

½ scoop vanilla whey protein

1 cup of ice

Throw the ice in the blender, then the apple, then the spinach and then everything else. Blend until smooth. This should make two big smoothies that virtually everyone seems to love!

Be well my friends!