Impossible is possible.  Do I really believe this?  This is the awesomeness and also the difficulty with God.  It is what we pray for.  “God heal so and so.”  “God fix this situation that is completely out of control.  I’ve tried and tried to fix it but can’t and know only you can.”  I would guess even those that are fairly unsure of God’s presence have prayed something like this at some time.  Right?  The idea of a God that can do miracles is awesome, but it is also the reason many of us have trouble believing.   God is able to do things that we cannot.  From an earthly view, it doesn’t make sense.  Sometimes it doesn’t add up.  It’s not scientific.  And we live in a very scientific world that wants to prove everything.

But, that is the beauty, the absolute awesomeness of God.  He wouldn’t be God if He could do only what we can do.  How lame would that be?!!   He is capable of far more.  And, so as believers, we are also capable of far more, through the work of the Holy Spirit living in us, if we will only rely on Him and not ourselves.  

Still, this is a hard concept for me to get my mind around.  I am used to relying on myself.  That is the American Dream, right?  If I work harder and smarter, if I am more diligent or more creative, then I will be successful, happy and secure.  It’s almost a foreign concept to finally realize that I can only do so much.  Our abilities, whatever they are, are limited.   God is not limited.  But this is a hard realization to make AND to believe in.  It’s usually when I come to the end of myself, that I finally recognize that God can do more than I can; that through Him the impossible is possible.   

It’s kind of sad that I don’t realize this on a daily basis.  It seems that I have to have some struggle to recognize where my devotion should lie.  It’s like I have to come to the very end of myself before I remember that I don’t have to do all this alone.  I have been fortunate in my life to have several experiences that have done just that, brought me to the end of myself.  And, so you would think that I would have learned.  Each time, it plays out in a similar fashion.  I try and try, I do everything I can.  I get frustrated, mad, even sad, and then I finally ask for Help and trust that He will give it to me.   Amazingly each time, once I start relying on God, everything turns out fine.  He doesn’t always answer the way I thought He would, but the answer is still there.  I just wasn’t asking, trusting or listening. 

So, that is where today’s challenge lies….

Mark and I need to pray together as a couple.

There I have said it.  As simple as that seems, it is really a scary one for me. 

I pray a lot by myself.  But, if I am honest, my marriage is definitely the most important relationship I have on this earth and certainly the one that shapes most of what I do.  So, it would stand to reason that what I do or don’t do within that relationship will overflow into virtually every other area of my life.  If we don’t live out biblical principles in our marriage, it is going to be really hard to live them out everywhere else….at least not to their full extent.

Awkward!  Let me just say that again.  Awkward.  We did not grow up watching our moms and dads do this.  We have no blue print to follow.  This will be as unnatural as just about anything can be for us.  BUT…..If we do not pray together on a regular basis, what does that say about the importance of God in our lives?  What does it say about the importance of our marriage to God?

Now, if you have been following this blog since the beginning, you know I already wrote a piece on praying out loud. And, believe it or not, in the simplicity of that, it was a big step for us.  One would think that praying out loud might cover this.  Well, I’m pretty good at avoiding difficult tasks.  Let me be really honest about what that looks like in our house right now……it’s praying before meals and praying with our son before bed.  It has also included some bolder things such as leading prayers before runs, but in general it includes prayers fit for a preschooler.  We made a step in the right direction, by openly acknowledging God in our home, but it isn’t full on “We give our lives to You, knowing that Your will is all that matters. “ 

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time.  It was on my very first list of topics to confront.   But, sadly, I have been kind of avoiding it.  I am assuming that this is completely natural for some people and you might not even understand why it is uncomfortable for me.  But I also know that there is a majority of people that also feel completely uncomfortable with this topic. 

Praying with my husband means that Mark and I have to be brutally honest with each other.  We will be vulnerable to one another in ways we haven’t been before and we will have to communicate openly about things that we keep to ourselves now.  And, yes, I know that is what marriage is for, but it can be uncomfortable.  Ah, the dynamics of a marriage.  If you have been married for a while, you know it is easy to start just living on the surface.  I really have no idea how this happens, but I am pretty sure it happens to most people.  We talk about the kids, what’s for dinner, what’s going on in our business, what needs to be done around the house, but often the really important conversations never happen.  For being the most important relationship we have on this earth, marriage certainly can be complicated, confusing, and down-right challenging.  It certainly pushes me out of my comfort zone sometimes….

And so, I have avoided this topic because once I post this, it means we have to do it.  Sitting down on our couch and praying together, out loud is absolutely not a comfortable idea for me and I am sure it isn’t for Mark either. 

But it needs to happen.  There are so many reasons, I won’t even go through them all but the glaring ones are:
1.  We currently have a couple situations in our lives that we work and work and work to fix, and we obviously can’t do it on our own.   I feel like we are at the end of ourselves.  Duh…we have already dealt with this several times in our life, and, God has answered our prayers.  You would think we would have learned. 

This is what has gotten my attention, but the next two are really the bottom line.

2.  Jesus prayed A LOT……One time, he prayed ALL night.   (Read Luke chapter 6)  He is our example, right?   Maybe we should act more like Him.

3.  Obedience:  The Bible tells us over and over and over again to pray. 

“Pray without ceasing.”  1 Thes 5:17

“Then Jesus told the disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and never give up.”  Luke 18: 1

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Phil 4:6

Rest assured, I do not know where we will sit, who will actually do the praying, or when we will do it.  But at least this is a conversation we will have.  Through the awkwardness of this, I know it is what God wants and what He wants for us.  I know by doing this, we are being obedient.  And, as much as the word obedient is not embraced in this culture, it is my opinion that it is really one of the most powerful Christian principles to learn.  I have enjoyed great blessings this year, by simply deciding to be obedient even when it is uncomfortable. 

So, here we go.  God, may this glorify you.   May our obedience help us to know your will and allow you to use our lives for good in ways that we have never imagined.  Impossible is possible…..

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