As I sat down to this post, I had several topics to write about, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with any of them for some reason.  Each time I get ready to write, I do two things first.  I pray and I read the bible.  And, until I get a peace about what I am called to do and write, these posts don’t show up.  That’s why I should be on day 80 or something but I am only on day 19.

I wait.  And, this waiting thing has been a really tough lesson.  In a my task centered world, getting this blog written can turn into a check mark on my to do list.  And, while it is a priority, this is not merely a check mark on my list.  This is the changing of my life, one step at a time. And, one of the biggest changes I have learned to make is waiting on God’s plan, his timing, and his will.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually very good at it most of the time, but I am listening, I am seeking, and I am diligently making time for Him which has helped a lot.

So, as I sat down to write, I was overwhelmed by ideas and thoughts about God and all the things we screw up in this world, all the things we worship instead of him, all the things we believe that are so inaccurate,  and I couldn’t decide what to write.  As usual, I read some passages.  Sometimes the passages provide some conviction, but still after reading, I didn’t know what to do.  And, so I began to pray.

I never realized the power of prayer before.  As soon as I bowed my head, God met me. “You are called to make disciples for Me.”  Bam.  The prayer lasted about 30 seconds.  No lie.

This is ultimately why I need to act.  This is ultimately why I need to live out my faith and be a follower instead of a fan.  I am called, we are called, to lead others to Christ.

This kind of piggy backs on a message I heard on K-love this week.  I was listening and they were interviewing, an artist.  They were asking him a variety of questions, but the one that really struck me was how he felt about being called to be a Christian singer.  And whoever it was said, “Well, I don’t necessarily feel called to be a singer, I feel called to create disciples.  We are all ultimately called to create disciples and this is just my current way of doing that.”

Wow….I love that.

So, thus far in my challenges, I have really focused on cleaning up my own life.  Love God, be good to others, give to the church, go to church, read my Bible, pray, fast, etc.  All of these projects have really been about cleaning up me and helping me see, hear, feel and know God.   All of these have been good, even great.  But, I now see that I can’t just stop there.

And, yes, I realize, that leading by example and living a Christian life, might influence people to come to Christ.  But, I am really thinking it probably shouldn’t stop there.

Oh geez.  So, I believe that.  I really do.  But, the problem comes when I actually need to do it.  Let’s be real.  It is hard.  It’s one thing to live out my faith.  That is hard enough.  But, reaching out to others and trying to bring them into the fold, well, for me, that is definitely not in my comfort zone.  First of all, I don’t actually have any idea how to do that, and second of all, I don’t really feel prepared to do it.

Being an admitted task master, I could put “create 5 disciples” on my to do list for this week.  But, is that realistically going to get done?  I’m going to go with no on that one.  I am certainly having more Christian conversations than I have ever had before, and I think I am helping to plant some seeds in people, but let’s just say I am not a closer.  If you have ever been in sales, you know you have to close the sale.  If you just tell people about your product, but they don’t actually buy it, then you haven’t closed the sale.  And, yes, again, I do see that telling someone about the product is planting a seed.  Not everyone wants to seal the deal right then.  But if I never ask, never suggest that they acknowledge Christ as the son of God who died on the cross so that we could be forgiven for our sins and have eternal life, aren’t I leaving some “business” on the table?

This brings me to today’s challenge; Be Prepared.  I may not know how to actively create disciples, but I can certainly start preparing myself.

I don’t remember every single sermon at our church, but there are certain ones that really speak to me.  One I remember in particular was about being prepared; being prepared for when you do have the opportunity to have Christ centered conversations with people.  I will never have all the answers, but it would certainly behoove me and help me to feel more comfortable if I did know more, understand more and just participate in regular consult with other Christians.  I would be more prepared for questions and I would feel more comfortable with the conversation.

I have good Christian friends and we discuss our faith regularly, but I know it is time now to take some steps to get even more prepared to create disciples.  I either need a bible study or a class or a group or something.  I don’t know what it is, but today, I’ll start praying for and exploring options.  Because, like any other task at hand, the more I practice, the more I know, the more I immerse myself in it, the better I become.

So, today is step one; find a group that will provide additional wise counsel throughout the week and actually sign up or start going.  I might not have any idea how God will use me, but I’m going to get prepared so that He can use me as much as possible.

And, if the thought of creating disciples makes you uneasy, it makes me uneasy too.  I’m not sure how or when I will ever be good at it.  But, I don’t think that should stop us.  I am going to operate on faith that as I prepare myself, God will find ways to use me.  Because, if I know one thing for sure, it is that through Christ the impossible is possible.

Matthew 4:19 “Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

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