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Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So…..

I am a distance runner. Ask me to sprint around our house and my kids will beat me every time, but ask me to run 10 miles on a treadmill and I have got it. I have tried to give it up. I have tested myself to see if it is too important to me, […]

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Marriage Lie #1: True Love is Romantic Most of the Time

If you are paying attention to the state of relationships in the developed world today, you cannot help but recognize our utter failure to “stay in love.”

As I talk to young adults and many of my friends who are married and struggling in their marriages, I realize our relationships aren’t working because we are basing […]

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How Do You Heal a Broken Marriage?

The moment is captured in my memory in vivid detail. It was night–time around New Years in 2010. We lived in the country and had windows all along the back of our house. I sat by myself staring out the windows into the night knowing I was utterly alone.

For years Mark and I’s marriage had […]

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Is Hunting Selfish?

There are blog posts that I write, that just beg to be written. I almost can’t avoid writing them and this is one of them. I am desperately afraid this will come out wrong. I am afraid that this will seem selfish or like a sense of entitlement on the part of my husband. And […]

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More Than The American Dream: Our Move To Montana

I am sorry, sorry, sorry! You are going to get sooooo tired of hearing about Montana.

I just can’t help it, though.

It is so much more than a trip.

It’s so much more than a potential move.

We are getting ready to go visit again for 2 MONTHS! TWO MONTHS? Who does that ?!! We are so excited. […]

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Writing a Different Story: Can We Lead a Better Life?

Each of us had some sort of story in mind when we were younger. We imagined our life being written in a certain way, and I would guess that most of us woke up one day a bit disillusioned wishing for a different story.


“This is not how I thought my life would play out.”

“How in […]

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Sometimes You Need a Big Change…Why We Hope to Move to Montana

So, there is a rumor that we may be moving to Montana.

That is indeed not a rumor.

As we finish up our two week vacation here, I can best express this through a quote from John Steinbeck.

“I am in love with Montana.  For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana […]

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The Wife God Created: Part 2

“And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”
Mark 9:35
Dear God, can you clarify? By all, do you mean my husband too?

Sometimes God says things I don’t want to hear. And, even though I say […]

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Day 11: Marriage Revisited

As I grew up, and I am sure many others are the same, I had a vision for my life.  A big part of this vision was the perfect, romantic marriage.  Romance and joy.   Joy and romance.  Love all around.  I don’t ever remember envisioning that there might be tough times or that I would […]

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Day 6: Invest in my Marriage part 2: I will go first

I got A LOT of feedback from the first Invest in Your Marriage post, so I thought it would be worthwhile to put some of the information from our Love and Respect Conference out.  First and foremost, let me say, it was WORTH IT!!  I was nervous going in.  We were invited by some friends […]

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Invest in my marriage

This is a long post because I am very passionate about marriage, you will see why as you read.   I am going to make a general statement.  And, before I do, I just want to remind anyone who is reading this that when I point the finger, I am pointing at myself first.  I am […]

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My 40th Birthday: Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

I think we all know what I mean when I use that phrase.  It is the areas of our life that we generally choose to act in.  And, it is so easy to just stay there, because as it implies, it is comfortable.  The rub comes when it becomes a rut and we cannot see […]

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