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Homemade Granola: Easy, Delicious, Perfect

I love, love, love granola.   I have loved it since before it was cool to love granola.   I love it for breakfast, as a snack, on yogurt, on ice cream, wherever.   Over the years its precious reputation has gotten tainted because of a lot of ingredients that just don’t need to be there, namely extra […]

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Let’s Start with Breakfast: Easy Oatmeal Makeover

For my first recipe post, I am starting at the beginning, breakfast!  This is an easy oatmeal makeover.  Now, when I say, easy, I want everyone to know, I mean E-A-S-Y.

1.  I am not organized.  (Ask anyone that knows me.  A truer statement has never been made.)

2.  I am not tidy.  (I will share some […]

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8 Nutritional Truths That Will Change Your Life

Over the last two decades few things have become more confusing and daunting than “healthy eating.” Not only are we confused by what the term “healthy” means, but we have also bought into a lot of ridiculous ideas.  Today I am going to share 8 nutritional truths that have changed my life for the better.  […]

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