Ahhhhhh! Yes I am back. No I did not quit. I didn’t even have writers block.  My blog was just BROKEN!

My little endeavor here got a bit derailed a couple of weeks ago when we hired someone to merge it into our Ultramax Sports site. That is why I have mysteriously been MIA.

You might think that a blog writer is good with technology. 

EEEEEEEE.  Wrong answer.  Rest assured, this girl is no techno genius .  A mere year and a half ago, it was a big project for me to change my profile picture on Facebook. I just recently learned to resize images, got on twitter (which I still don’t understand), and have downloaded apps and software to create more interesting pictures.   It has taken some real work to learn to write an interesting post, get all of my images to size correctly, and to make all the posts SEO friendly only to wake up one day to find many of the posts missing, all of the images completely messed up, AND all of the SEO information missing!

We hired someone to make the changes we needed because we had no idea how to do it ourselves. Thus, when the debacle happened, we had no idea how to fix it either.

Uber frustrating. U-B-E-R.

To say I was irritated is kind of an understatement.   I don’t get angry often, and it takes a lot for me to actually express that anger, but I did this time. I love this blog. It’s my little pet project. I have built it and nurtured it and I really wanted to be consistent in posting. But, it was so broken that I couldn’t.

I’m sorry for that.  But get this.  I fixed most of it myself! What? (Cheers and applause please!) Not all of it, but a good portion.  Sincerely, this is quite unbelievable.  Woooohooo!

I’m not excited that I did not get to post for two weeks. When you are trying to build trust and live with integrity, one of the most important things to do is to follow through on what you said you were going to do. I said I would post every Monday and Friday and that didn’t happen. I’m not proud of that.  I’m not happy it was broken for two weeks.

But let’s all be real here for one moment.

Isn’t life full of moments, days, even years of brokenness?   Broken relationships, promises, businesses, financial plans, the list goes on and on. This won’t be the last time something breaks and it certainly won’t be the worst thing that breaks. This is a part of life whether I like it or not.

Romans 8:28 says  “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I learned a lot from this. I learned perseverance as I tackled a project that was way, way, WAY outside of my comfort zone. I am learning patience as I continue to fix everything that needs repair. I learned that sometimes only the one who is truly invested in the issue can fix what is broken. No one else knew what photo went with which post. No one else knew what the SEO settings were supposed be. No one else could tell what photos and posts were missing. Others tried to help, but they couldn’t do much because they didn’t know it, hadn’t spent time with it like I had.

What a good life lesson.  

Brokenness can be a teacher…. if we are willing to persevere, if we are willing to live outside of our comfort zone, if we are willing to dig in, search for the answers and be patient.

I am thankful today for broken things and for being able to post again and hope you are too! A little glimpse into upcoming posts: A Winter Running series, Roasted Broccoli recipe and some lessons I have gleaned from my running group Project Awesome.

What brokenness have you learned from? An injury, marital issues (I wrote about that on Day 5, Invest in My Marriage ), the loss of a loved one?


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